Universal Church of the Master

Universal Church of the Master (UCM) was founded in 1908 as a church to nurture and encourage people to use their innate spiritual gifts. We encourage spiritual activities which support and enhance a furthering of spiritual awareness. Each person must find and travel his/her own path. No single set of fixed rules or dogma is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest.

UCM offers educational programs to facilitate individuals in their spiritual growth. Our primary focus is to provide education and support to individual ministers to practice within legal boundaries while enhancing their connection to Spirit. As each person travels their own path in the light, it is helpful to connect with other groups and individuals with similar paths.

We provide an environment which supports communication and companionship for those who are committed to service, growth and enhancing their personal journey. A journey that is alive to compassionate awareness, to the continuity of life and love, and the connection between the physical world and the world of the Spirit.

Please feel free to explore our web site for more information about our organization.